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When it comes to describing our Driving School or our business standards, hear it from our students. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about learning at Dolan Driving School

Dolan Driving School reviews
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Pupil Reviews
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I’ve recently moved to Torquay so I’m not familiar with these areas at all.
I found roger Dolan through searching the internet and out of all the driving schools/instructors I’ve ever been with he is by far the best! He gave me lots of confidence and he was so easy to talk to and very patient he helped me pass my test. I would highly recommend him he is a brilliant man. Lessons in Torquay

Jordan Toomey

Driving school for lessons in paignton

I was with someone before hand and they wasn't that good she was always late and could never give me the times I needed and did get stressed with me on a couple of times as wasn't getting other lesson for 9 days after so started to look else where found Roger Dolanog driving school on line and seen all the reviews so thought I would give him a try done a intense driving course for 3 weeks which helped a lot quicker he never got stressed with me always helped me through what I was struggling with did take me 3 times to pass my test but that was my own fault just didn't keep to the left 🙈lol would definitely recommend it to anyone he is a star thank you so much Roger 😊

Roxanne Cryer

 I chose Dolan Driving School as he seemed the most welcoming and genuinely nice instructor, compared to most of the others.
- Finding the school was very easy as it was one of the most recommended instructors, when I searched on Google. This then enabled me to get all the contact information I needed.
- Roger wasn’t really what I expected as I imagined a grumpy man with very little humour who would shout at me if I messed up. Roger is totally different as he’s a very funny and intellectual man who will guide you to pass with a welcoming tone.
- The methods Roger used were key to my passing, in both the theory and practical, as he incorporates theory questions with the test and allows you to make a mistake, however offering his guidance to show you where you went wrong to stop it occurring again.
- I would happily recommend Roger to my friends and family as he is honestly everything you need in an instructor.
- I can’t think of any customer service problems as I didn’t recognise any problems, however I personally believe doing the lessons in an elf suit would be better !!

Jake Brindley


Hear it from the Source

Roger was able to put up with me for quite a long time. He made me a confident driver. Thank you very much. Would recommend to everyone I know. X

Sinead Kirstin Oak

Brilliant instructor passed 1st time, thanks again roger I couldn't be more greatful, highly recommend you :)

Ben Skinner

Excellent driving instructor :) highly recommend thanks roger for getting me my pass :)

Kathryn Mitchell

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